Getting Things Done at work and home

I am easily distracted at work.  Phone calls, emails, Skype messages, text messages, and people just stopping by my cubicle to ask me questions.  I utilize the GTD task list to keep,  but I had to reimplement the Pomodoro technique to manage my time.  I find myself way more productive when I set aside specific times to check emails, review logs, listen to voice mails, those things that would normal interrupt me from checking things off my list.  I’m trying to find a way to let my team mates know when I’m busy so that they know not to interrupt me.  Perhaps something like a blynclight for Skype and just set my status to busy during a Pomodoro.  I use Focus time and have just considered setting my phone or ipad in a visible location so that they understand.  I plan to share the technique with my team during our next meeting as I know others suffer from the same distractions.